Accelerated Aging Chamber

The design and construction of accelerated aging chambers to expose tyres to controlled levels of heat, humidity and UV radiation.

The project is to design and construct accelerated aging chambers to accommodate tyre rings. The model tyres are rubber elastomer O-rings wrapped around 3D printed wheels.

Rubber, when exposed to environmental factors, experiences physical and chemical changes which results in the deterioration of mechanical characteristics. Long term exposure causes the rubber to become ‘aged’, affecting not only the material property, but also the useful lifetime of the rubber.

Accelerated aging is a testing process used to determine the long term effects of environmental factors in a relatively short time. Aggressive conditions of temperature, humidity, and UV radiation, are commonly used to speed up the normal aging process. Test durations can be days, months, or years, depending on the extent of material degradation necessary.

The design consist of the construction of two chambers, one for temperature and humidity control and the other for humidity and UV radiation control.

The heat and humidity chamber is based on an existing oven, modified to suit the projects purpose. It is desired for the chamber to reach 125?C at high, medium and low relative humidities.

The UV and humidity chamber is to be a custom built enclosure, using polished aluminium for the reflection properties and even radiation onto the product. UVB radiating fluorescent tubes are to be used as the light source, as they emit a range of wavelengths ideally suited to simulate damage from the sun.

Our EE team including Tom McKeon, Rohan Mehra, Abdul Aziz, Xin Zheng Tan, Nikola Petranovic & Berney Bao

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